About Shipping

A: Delivery time: we will deliver the goods within 24 hours

B: Lilypajamas offers three modes of transportation:

1.Free Shipping:

7-15 business days $0.00

2.EMS Shipping:

5-8 business days $12.00

3.UPS Shipping:

3-5 business days $18.00

If you can wait patiently, you can choose the free transportation we provide for you, and the big month can be 7-15 days. If you want to speed up the delivery time, you can choose to pay for the transportation, and you can receive the goods in a shorter time.

C: Tracking logistics: Click https://www.lilypajamas.com/track-your-order.html during cargo transportation, we can help you to check the logistics details. You can also contact us for the logistics order number and check it out at https://www.17track.net/.