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Personal Privacy Protection

Lilypajamas respects the privacy of any individual who accesses this website. When you visit this website, you may be asked to provide your personal basic information ("Personal Information", including but not limited to name, date of birth, shipping address, telephone number, etc.), except for the purpose of the transaction In addition to the payment information, address, name, etc., you can choose whether or not to provide it.



Lilypajamas makes every effort to ensure that the products you purchase are consistent with the product information published on the website, ensuring the accuracy of your product information. However, due to the huge amount of information on the website, the information displayed on this website may be biased or delayed, I hope you can understand. Information such as the price and quantity of the products on the website may change at any time, and Lilypajamas will not give special notice. If we find that the products and orders displayed on the website are obviously wrong, we have the right to refuse the order unilaterally.


Price and Shipping

Lilypajamas reserves the right to modify the price and shipping charges at any time without prior notice. The changed price applies to the price displayed when the order is submitted through the website, except where the price is displayed incorrectly. Please refer to the website for the shipping amount.



We will automatically select the best and fastest delivery method based on the payment method and delivery address you choose. In either case, our team is not responsible for any delays or excessive shipping costs resulting from the selection.



If you need to return or refund, please know: refund refund needs to be contacted by us to confirm the refund, and we will have the right to refuse the unilateral refund without confirmation. All returned products must be non-customer damaged and consistent with the product shipping list and keep the product intact. The product itself and product accessories must be returned upon return. The freight generated by the return is also borne by the buyer.



We comply with the standard packaging of the selected shipping method. If the buyer needs special packaging, the additional cost will be borne by the buyer.


Lilypajamas sincerely respects all the above terms, if you have any requests or complaints, please contact us.

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